Freelancer- highly attractive job trend

By DA NANG Today / DA NANG Today
April 17, 2019, 17:21 [GMT+7]

Freelancer is the popular job trend in Viet Nam, and the world as a whole, as a growing number of people have quit their existing jobs and become to be freelancers.

DNE Media freelancers making videos for their clients
DNE Media freelancers making videos for their clients

In reality, freelancers work freely, not are seriously constrained by any regulations of any business organisation. However, freedom does not mean that arbitrarily work and leave. To become a successful freelancer, you must firstly possess experience in a certain field, be able to work independently, and have a high degree of self-discipline.

In preparation for her wedding which is slated to take place late this year, at the start of this month, 26-year-old Nguyen Kim Hieu from Lien Chieu District searched for popular studios for her pre-wedding photos.

Through consultancy from her friends, Hieu visited a young freelance photographer's Facebook page which highlights highly impressive albums. Via Facebook messages, Hieu decided to choose this freelance photographer for her wedding photos. She met with her chosen photographer to discuss details about the timetables, styles, and costs of the photo shoots.

Apart from photography, freelancers are present in such other aspects as writing, translation, programming, consulting, and graphic design. 

On his blog, Dipesh Garg, an Indian national, the founder of a platform to connect freelancers with their potential customers, pointed out to 3 biggest benefits that make freelance work more and more attractive to many people, namely freedom in selecting clients and projects, workplace flexibility and high income potential.

For example, with regard to the information technology industry, many Vietnamese programmers freelancers market themselves, show off their skills and achievements, and propose their own salaries on such big freelance platforms worldwide as freelance.com, upwork.com, and odeskwork.com.

Amid the burgeoning service outsourcing and specialisation, Vietnamese programmers are very likely to participate in projects from developed countries with relatively high salaries, mainly ranging from 10 to 30 USD per hour. Meanwhile, programmers in Da Nang now receive an average monthly income of between 10 and 15 million VND.

Currently, there are many owners of many businesses hired freelancers to work for them because freelancers can help them save costs as well as offer flexible recruitment options either long-term or short time for these job seekers.

Ms Vuong Thanh Ha, a 29-year-old freelance interpreter in Ha Noi proposed that, in order to highly effective freelancers, proactive and professional working attitudes are the most crucial factors.  

As for the “proactive” factor, don’t wait for a miracle that causes a client to beat on our door. Instead that, be proactive, build relationships, and make our own luck. Ms Ha affirmed it is an essential task for freelancers to show their abilities and strengths to clients.

In detail, freelancers should build up profiles that are complete, accurate, and paint a compelling picture of their services, skills, and accomplishments as an ideal way to advertise their services to potential clients.

Besides, heed should be paid to appealing for clients through relationships, freelance community groups, online platforms and other approaches.

With regard to the “professional” factor, Ms Ha underlined the importance of creating and expanding the network of relationships. To gain the trust of clients and establish good relationships, freelancers must ensure their prestige based on their product quality and working style.