Entrepreneurial success inspired by community-targeted aspirations

By DA NANG Today
Published: September 05, 2018

Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Da Nang-based PGT Group Le Anh Trieu has been amongst the Top 10 Viet Nam’s Excellent Young Entrepreneurs 2018. Notably, the honouree has risked everything to grow his start-up businesses, but he has managed to accomplish his dream despite many potholes on his road to success.

Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Da Nang-based PGT Group Le Anh Trieu
Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Da Nang-based PGT Group Le Anh Trieu (1st left)

Born in the central province of Binh Dinh, Trieu, 33, once earned his living by doing different jobs such as construction materials and consumer goods salesman, concrete finisher, and land broker.

Such hardship and challenges in life, in turn, motivated him to move forward, no matter what the obstacles facing him, in a bid to make a significant difference in his own life, support his family, and create something meaningful for the progress of the whole community.

Thanks to his ceaseless efforts to pursue his strong start-up ambitions, Trieu set up its own business in 2009. In the early days of operation, his company faced numerous difficulties, and especially in 2012, when the city’s real estate market hit a sudden and significant slowdown.

Since its inception, the PGT Group has affirmed a strong foothold as the leading real estate group in Central Viet Nam’s competitive real estate market.

This prestigious business has always focused on promoting the motto that echoes the “customer first” sentiment through customer-oriented activities in a bid to offer best real estate products.

Currently, the PGT Group runs its own 6 member companies, ensuring job security for a total of more than 200 staff members, and hundreds of labourers, with an average monthly income of 8 million VND per person.

In particular, PGT Group has always paid special heed to implementing volunteer activities, giving necessary support to young talents. Over recent years, the group-run charity fund, whose operating capital coming from a part of revenues earned from successful transactions, has proved effective.

An amount of money from the fund has gone to help victims of natural disasters in the central region, providing needy families with suitable means of livelihood to assist them to increase their incomes, supporting them to build new houses, and granting scholarships to poor, studious students, and sponsor startup activities.

In June, the Viet Nam Public Commercial Joint Stock Bank (PVcom Bank) signed a financial agreement with the PGT Group to arrange loans for property investment projects in Central Viet Nam. The agreement aims to help mobilise capital for tourism property projects, and for hi-tech farming in the region.

The 12-storey PGT Tower – the first co-working space of its kind in Central Viet Nam – with total investment of 100 billion VND (4.4 million US$) has already been put into use.

As planned, the PGT Group will launch its initial public offering (IPO) on the stock exchange in 2022.
In the future, the group aims to become one of the best real estate developer in Viet Nam, with a focus on creating such products as housing for low income earners, offices for startups, and embarking upon hi-tech agriculture.

It is no denying that Trieu gathers young people with strong startup aspirations and ambitions to show off their abilities, do their best to enrich themselves and their families, as well as get actively involved in partly boosting the progress of the whole community.